Khir is NOT Kay


Written on Thursday, February 26, 2009 by KayChink

Looking from the window above 
It's like a story of love 
Can you hear me? 
Came back only yesterday 
Who went further away 
Want you near me 

All I needed was the love you gave 
All I needed for another day 
And all I ever knew 
Only you 

Sometimes when I think of her name 
When it's only a game 
And I need you 
Listen to the words that you say 
It's getting harder to stay 
When I need you 

All I needed was the love you gave 
All I needed for another day 
And all I ever knew 
Only you 

This is gonna take a long time 
And I wonder what's mine 
Can't take no more 

Wonder if you'll understand 
It's just the touch of your hand 
Behind a closed door 

All I needed was the love you gave 
All I needed for another day 
And all I ever knew 
Only you 

Well, I am in a emo state right now coz I am pissed about the new requirement for all Malaysian students in Moscow. Looks like we are suppose to do our practical attachments in Moscow during summer for 6 bloody weeks! Some idiots in the MMC thot that it is cool and shit but I am not going to waste my precious 6 weeks in Moscow kissing russian's ass.

"But...we'll learn about how to do palpation, auscultation and all other crap properly if we stay back and do practicals here.. we'll learn more!!" ahh.. that is bullcrap! do i look like i care about that?

"But.. why did you come here at the first place? why choose Russia if you already knew that it is a shitty place?" Well R-tard, these are my reasons.. listen.. first, I want to get a medical degree and become a Neurosurgeon. Second, the cost is super cheap compared to other places. (during my time). Third, I might be able to get a scholarship if I study well. Owhhh..nooo~ did I mention that I want to learn something in Moscow?? Noooooooooo I DID NOT! So, why bother staying back in Moscow to do practicals? Heck, I learn Russian Language in Russian Language!! How's that suppose to help me learn their shit? 

"But.. we all learn English in English so that we could have better understanding and thus, will help us master it faster". Again, R-tard, did you know that English is the International Language? You have to learn it no matter what or you will end up being an dumbass.

Owhh yea.. I dont know shit about medical stuff in russian, and i don't bloody care. I have Wikipedia in my pocket and I am going to graduate with it. One more thing, owhh.. you'll see me doing summer practicals here in Moscow. Yes, you are right, I am going to stay here doing my practicals. 

"Eh, I thought you detest Russian education??" Yes I do. But I can't tolerate with some people who will make my life miserable for the next 4 months. Ok-ok, I agree to stay. Just shut the hell up! I'm not going to stay because I want to, but I don't want to end up lying on the hospital bed because of metal illness. 

One more thing why I am pissed right now. What the hell is wrong with people who likes to spoil my mood? For 15 minutes they are like.. "heheheheheh..lalalala~!!" and after that.. "akjidfhbdfqehriher;ajewrabrair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" can't you wait for at least 24 hours to change the mood?? damn..i'll get Alzheimer 10x faster! and my limbic system will undergo rapid degeneration. Goddamn. Is Mood Spoiler Monster exists?? yeaaaaaaaaaaa of course!! Curses..

Owhh well.. no point blabbering here. Back to my main post. Khir is NOT Kay. Why is that? Have you ever been compared with someone else in your life? 

"Hey dude.. Ur face is just like my late brother." wth? Dude, your bro is dead because some nutcase blew his brain out. Do you mean that I got no brain?? (haha! spontaneous joke, love it!)

Well, the main point here, I don't like to be compared with others. I am me, standing on my own, and no one else is the same like me.

Khir is a guy who loves to be in love, hate cold water, hate durian, cannot stand mosquitoes, have to bathe at least once a day, need to brush his teeth often, cannot stand the jungle because of  lecak and insects, kepala batu, keras kepala, and really manja. 

Kay is some other dude that has a name that is easy to be said and that is why it is better for people to call Khir that way. 

Same goes to Rezza and Rezz. They are both 2 different people. Rezz is a loving guy who cares so much about others and pemanja juga. huhu! He got a sweet voice with sweet words standing in between. When people call him Rezz, it means that they are really special to him and he will love them with all his heart.

Rezza on the other hand is a lonely boy. Nothing much could be told about this guy because of the mysteries surrounding his life. But he is easy to be approached and sometimes could be very sweet also. however in the end, he will stay sitting on the corner alone.

Sometimes, it is alright to compare between 2 people. But when you talk with someone special or someone that you love or you know that he/she is in love with you, try to avoid comparing him/her with others coz you might hurt his/her feelings. he might think that the person that you compared him to is better and he might feel very inferior. In a relationship, it is advisable to care about each other's feelings and you have to be understanding because you'll never know that you might hurt your partner's feelings. Well, the word Sorry could be a good start! ;)

That's all for now. Just a reminder, this is a blog and as a writer of my own blog, I could write whatever I want and however I want. Thanks for reading and I feel much much better now!! hmmm.. going to waste 6 weeks is not a great thing to look forward to but yea.. it is a compulsory thing and in order to graduate and become a doctor, 6 weeks wasting is not really a bother and with the fact that I got my friends here with me, I'm sure that I'll get through it with a smile on my face! ;D 

Thank's for reading~!! Till the next post. Chiaoz~

Screwed Up Life of Mine


Written on Monday, February 23, 2009 by KayChink


1. List facts for 10 different people. 
2. Don't reveal who they are.
3. You can comment but don't answer to guesses. 
The idea is that no one knows who the facts are indicated to.
4. Tag three (3) people.

1. Without you, my life won't be as great as today. You made me a great man and if there's something that I could repay you,  that would be the greatest achievement in my life. I love you~

2.  You left me with a big WHY.  You shouldn't have came and search for me that day only to leave a scar in my heart. I just wish that life would be easier and we both could be happy together. But nooooOooO~ I've screwed that up and  seriously that is the biggest mistake I ever made. Sorry..

3. You came unexpectedly. I never thought that our story could last that long but fate has its own script for us and let's just follow the flow~ Weeeeee~!!

4.  You always make me believe that  bitch exists and because of that, you deserve one of Yo  Mama jokes!  Yo mama so fat people jog around her for exercise!! One more! couldn't stop myself!! Yo mama so fat she lay on the beach and people run around yelling Free Willy!! One more time~ for  God sake, please someone stop meeeee!! Yo mama so fat when she bungee jumps, she brings down the bridge too!! Take that bitch! U deserve it!

6.  First time we met,  i've fallen for you.  It was just like people call it Cinta Monyet. hehe! But as the term, we knew that we won't last long.  Thank you for the sweet memories tho.. :D

7. You are like someone closest to me. I know we had our times together but things were so complicated to move on. It is better that way and I am really grateful that you came into my life, without you, my life would be colourless.

8.You are the greated gift God has created and I am thankful for being able to hold you in my arms. Even though I realised that one day I must let you go, I'll promise you that you will always be inside my heart and my thoughts. Thank you!

9.  You are fat and ugly. The terms Fugly existed because of you! Stop messing around with my life  you sick bastard!  Here, take this!! Yo mama so ugly when she walks into a bank, they turn off the surveillence cameras! Right in your face fatso!

10. You are the coolest dude I ever met! It's like watching myself in action. We share our joy and sadness, tears and laughter together. Yea, I remember the time we cried and you hold my shoulder to comfort me. You are like my guardian angel and your wisdom and guidance will always make me realise how important life is.

Fuhh.. 2 damn hours! It's all because of you Mags!! huhuhu! Permintaan Chingu No.1 kena tunaikan or he will be sulking for the rest of the day. hahahahaha! Well, everyone is tagged! Have fun guessing and kalau sape2 terasa tu, bagus la kan? huhu!


From Victoria With Love


Written on Sunday, February 22, 2009 by KayChink

YO! Chingus!

Check out this cool stuff my mom posted for me! LIMITED EDITION PREMIER SCHOOL STAMPS! Only 4 schools are selected based on their achivements in academics and corriculum fields and also have contributed significantly to the growth of Malaysia. The schools are SMK St. Thomas, SMK Convent Bukit Nanas, SM All Saints and of course, Victoria Institution or else I wont be bothered to post this. hehehe!

Short facts about VI :

SMK Victoria, better known as Victoria Institution was officiated on 14th August 1893 by Mrs. Hood Treacher, wife of the then Resident of Selangor. SMK Victoria is today a five-star smart school and its 115 years of excellence has resulted in the school being selected as a cluster school in 2007. 

Recently, the school was awarded a Heritage Status on Feb,14th and will be known as Victoria Institution from now on. (previously known as SMK Victoria)

Kat envelope pun ada stamp VI. Huhu, giler semangat~ 50 posen satu. 

Tu dia stamp.. Skali dengan bookmark, dapat masa VI Old Boys Association Dinner.

The stamps were released on December for 50000 copies. I guess no more already right now. Im not really into stamp collection but since it is about VI, I'd get my hands on it even though I am thousand miles away! Thanks Mama for sending it! 

Well, that's all for now. Can't wait for Monday!! Holiday, play futsal and $$$$$ (hopefully..huhu) Cya Chingus!!

Victoria Institution..Now & Forever


Written on Sunday, February 15, 2009 by KayChink

KUALA LUMPUR: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Victoria, which now has national heritage status, reverts to its old name of Victoria Institution (VI) from Saturday (14 February 2009) as it is world renowned.

"The world already knows its name as Victoria Institution so it is my pleasure to announce that its name, beginning today, will remain as Victoria Institution," said Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal.

Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal (left) with Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique are looking at the national heritage declaration scroll at Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur.

Speaking at a cermony Saturday to declare the school's national heritage status, Shafie said the school was chosen as it met the criteria of the National Heritage Act 2005.

Shafie, who is an alumnus of the school, said VI played a role in the country's history when it was used as the administrative headquarters by the invading Japanese army during the Second World War.

The school, he said, was also the first English secondary school in the country, was prestigious and had produced important personalities from Sultans, leaders, ministers, corporate figures, politicians to sports luminaries and professionals.

He said the school was the first in Southeast Asia to have cadet corps and a school band.

Shafie called for the school's heritage to be conserved as each characteristic "be it a wall, a window, balcony, roof, tower or its field has its own story."

Founded by Sultan Abdul Samad, William Hood Treacher, Loke Yew, Thamboosamy Pillai and Yap Kwan Seng on Aug 14, 1893, Victoria Institution has steadfastly maintained a record of academic excellence and produced many leaders and luminaries.

Those who passed through its hallowed halls include Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, Cabinet ministers then and now like Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique, Datuk Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen and former judge Datuk Mahadev Shankar.

Other former students include corporate giants like Tan Sri Shamsuddin Abdul Kadir, T. Ananda Krishnan and Tan Sri Francis Yeoh while in the field of sports the school has produced luminaries such as Datuk Dr. M. Jegathesan, the late Mokthar Dahari, Datuk Misbun Sidek, Foo Kok Keong, Datuk P.S. Nathan and Ishtiaq Mubarak.

Shafie said till today there were 172 items listed on the National Heritage List.

He said there were four sites in the country accorded 'World Heritage Site' status and several manuscripts were in the 'Memory Of The World' register.

"Such recognition surely adds value to our heritage and Malaysians should be proud that our heritage is shared with the world," Shafie said.

Meanwhile, VI ParentTeachers Association (PTA) chairman Raja Amir Shah Raja Abdul Aziz said now that the school had been bestowed national heritage status, with its illustrious name restored, a strategic plan needed to be formulated to chart the school's future direction.

"After the heritage do and getting back the VI name, all of us the PTA, old boys, the teachers and community should make VI the best in everything.

"We can have the Raffles Institution in Singapore as a benchmark," he said. - Bernama

Well.. it's a pity for not being able to witness this historical moment. But to be one of the Victorian, I am proud and honoured to see my school awarded the status. Congratulations VI!! 

Once a Victorian, always a Victorian

One of the items from List Barang-Barang Keperluan Akew has been crossed out!!

Manchester United Home Jersey

Thanks Pija for the Valentine's present!! it has been 2 years in a row i got an MU jersey. hopefully next year i can get the latest MU jersey also! hehehe!

Expert Says.. Nipple Grabber Monster is REAL!!


Written on Saturday, February 07, 2009 by KayChink

It's been the subject of campfire stories for decades. A camera-elusive, grooming-challenged, bipedal ape-man that roams the Dom 39, Volgina Street, Moscow. Some call it Mallu. Others know it as Nipple Grabber Monster.

Thousands of people claim to have seen the hairy hominoid, but the evidence of its existence is fuzzy. There are few clear photographs of the oversized beast. No bones have ever been found. Countless pranksters have admitted to faking footprints.

Yet a small but vociferous number of scientists remain undeterred. Risking ridicule from other academics, they propose that there's enough forensic evidence to warrant something that has never been done: a comprehensive, scientific study to determine if the legendary primate actually exists.

"Given the scientific evidence that I have examined, I'm convinced there's a creature out there that is yet to be identified," said Mageshwaran Elangkeeran (Photo), a professor of anatomy and anthropology at Russian State Medical University in Moscow.

Thousands of Sightings 

Mallu stories go back centuries. Tales of mythical giant apes lurk in the oral traditions of most M2 tribes, as well as in Room 8-12 and students of the group 49. The Himalaya has its Abominable Snowman, or the Yeti. In Moscow, Nipple Grabber Monster is known as Anu's Man. 

Nipple Grabber Monster advocates hypothesize that the primate is the offspring of an ape from Asia that wandered to Moscow during the Ice Age. 

An adult male is said to be at least 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall, weigh 220 pounds (100 kilograms), and have feet twice the size of a human's. The creatures are described as shy and nocturnal, and their diets consist mostly of frozen foods and maggi. 

ChinguKAY had been searching for Mallu for years. In the toilet of room 8-12, he claims he finally came eye to eye with the elusive primate. 

"It was 2 o'clock in the morning and the moon was a quarter full," recalled ChinguKAY. "Suddenly, there he was, an six-foot-tall creature, standing 15 feet away, growling at me. He wanted to let me know I was in the wrong place and as always, wanted to grab my nipples!"

Unfortunately, no one has been able to snap a clear picture of the beast.

Perhaps the most compelling photographic evidence of Mallu is a controversial photo shot by Kay Rezza in 2008, which appears to show the back side of Mallu with Manchester United's towel running along the corridor of room 8-12.

"It certainly wasn't human"

Now, Nipple Grabber Monster advocates are increasingly turning to forensic evidence to prove the existence of the giant creature. 

Investigator Karthik Krishnan of the de_dust Counter Terrorist Department , who specializes in finger- and footprints, has analyzed the more than 150 casts of Mallu prints that Mageshwaran, the Moscow State professor, keeps in a laboratory. 

Vigneshwaran says one footprint found in 2007 in MEGA Teply Stan in Moscow has convinced him that Nipple Grabber Monster is real. 

"The ridge flow pattern and the texture was completely different from anything I've ever seen," he said. "It certainly wasn't human, and of no known primate that I've examined. The print ridges flowed lengthwise along the foot, unlike human prints, which flow across. The texture of the ridges was about twice the thickness of a human, which indicated that this animal has a real thick skin."

A few academics believe Vickneshwaran could be right.

The Skeptics 

But the vast majority of scientists still believe Nipple Grabber Monster is little more than supermarket tabloid fodder. They wonder why no Mallu has ever been captured, dead or alive. 

"The bottom line is, they don't have a body," said Kanchana, who writes for Skeptical Inquirer magazine and who has followed the Mallu debate for 20 years. 

Mallu buffs note that it's rare to find a carcass of a grizzly bear in the wild. While that's true, grizzlies have not escaped photographic documentation. 

Hair samples that have been recovered from alleged Mallu encounters have turned out to come from elk, bears or Vick's. 

Many of the sightings and footprints, meanwhile, have proved to be hoaxes. 

"It's the same kind of eyewitness reports we see for the Loch Ness Sea Monster, UFOs, ghosts, you name it," she said. "The monster thing is a universal product of the human mind. We hear such stories from around the world."

Either we want to believe it or not, monsters do exist and they may live among us. So, as a precaution, do take extra care of your nipples. You'll never know when your nipples will be grabbed by the Nipple Grabber Monster. 

Bila Hati Berfikir


Written on Saturday, February 07, 2009 by KayChink

Jam menunjukkan waktu 11.47pm dan matahari baru saja hendak terbenam di tebing barat,burung-burung terbang dan hilang mengiringi cahayanya.Siang berganti malam,kini giliran bulan pula menyinari alam bertemankan bintang-bintang yang memagari setiap penjuru dan setiap pelusuk angkasaraya..

Tanpa disedari,setiap gerak-gerinya diteliti,dikaji,dinilai dan dihayati.Begitu indah sehingga digambarkan dengan berjuta kiasan dan digubah menjadi mawar di mata setiap warga dunia.Kadangkala ia membuatkan kita terpaku dan tersenyum.Ada juga yang terpaku dan menangis melihat keindahan wajahnya..ada juga yang meluahkan kata-kata,menyampaikan salam dan khabar berita kerana ia boleh dilihat di mana-mana.kata orang,sejauh mata memandang..

Tidak seperti matahari yang marah bila dilihat,bulan dan bintang adalah seperti seorang sahabat - sentiasa tersenyum walaupun dilukai,malah, pendengar yang setia.kadang-kadang awan dan angin merasa amat cemburu dan meliputi setiap jejak bulan dan bintang.tapi tak usah risau,bulan dan bintang bijak menggunakan kata-kata.jika disuluh dengan hati yang sabar dan terbuka,maka bersinarlah lagi mereka.

Tatkala matahari menyinari hari,menghangatkan suasana dengan bahang serta cahayanya,awan dan angin mampu menyejukkannya dengan liputan putih dan angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa diiringi bersama nyanyian burung-burung mengiringi tarian pokok-pokok yang dibuai angin.jadi,janganlah awan dan angin disalahkan kerana berasa cemburu.seperti kita,mereka juga mempunyai hati dan perasaan. 

Hidup tidak sentiasa gelap,mendung lama kelamaan akan menjadi cerah jua.maka adalah tugas sang mentari untuk melunaskan segalanya.tanpanya,hidup kita muram,tiada lagi siulan gembira kanak-kanak,lambaian mesra yang penuh warna-warni daripada mawar,keembung,jasmin dan camelia,tumbuh-tumbuhan hijau yang menyejukkan suasana tatkala panas,dan tiada lagi jambatan berwarna yang muncul selepas hujan membasahi bumi..  

Oleh itu,setiap kejadian di dunia ini saling berkaitan dengan matahari,awan,angin serta bulan dan bintang.walaupun kadang-kadang mereka berkelahi,malah berberebut untuk menceriakan kita, mereka merupakan sahabat yang sejati yang saling bergantung antara satu sama lain,pencorak dunia yang diibaratkan seperti sehelai kain putih yang di dalamnya pelbagai hidupan yang memuja kekuasaan maha pencipta.

Selagi matahari melemparkan bahangnya dan cahayanya,selagi awan melitupi ruang angkasa,selagi angin bertiup kencang dan selagi bulan dipagar bintang,dunia diibaratkan seperti syurga yang tidak kekal.tidak kekal kerana seperti juga sahabat,mereka mampu meninggalkan luka yang amat tajam dan memberi kesan yang amat mendalam kerana sahabat adalah sebahagian daripada hati kita..seperti hati yang mampu tumbuh semula,begitu juga sahabat,boleh diganti.namun luka itu tidak boleh disembuhkan dan akan kekal sehingga akhir hayat..