iPhone OS 3.1 update: TAT Augmented ID


Written on Saturday, July 25, 2009 by KayChink

YO! Chingus!

sorry i havent updated this blog lately, becoz i left my PC in Moscow so i dont have the chance to update it as frequently as before. plus, i don't really spend much time in my room here in Malaysia. huhu

Well, here's the latest update from iPhone OS 3.1 which is currently being developed. However, the BETA has already been released but I don't think I need it as much as I need the jailbroken one.

Okay,what is TAT Augmented ID? Roughly, it is a new features which could tell an ID of a person simply by flashing your iPhone. It is hard for me to explain but I attached a video for you and i think it will explain it all. ;)

I'm going to upgrade my phone to 3GS by the end of this month probably.. depends on the situation. hehee. i've calculated and i think buying it here is slightly cheaper and plus you can get free 500MB of internet every month without a minimum payment. Of course, it is the prepaid plan by Maxis.. and of course, the phone is UNLOCKED and WITHOUT CONTRACT.

I am so surprised tho.. why there are some Malaysian who are crazy enough to buy an iPhone 3G from other shops except from Maxis. I mean.. they are seling it for RM2490 for iPhone 3GS 16GB Unlocked, without contract. ( for iPhone 3G 8GB = RM1999) whereas the others are selling it like RM3500++ for the same one. Haishh~ kaya sangat la tu?

Trust me, buy your iPhone from Maxis and only Maxis. Not from some 'cikai' shop in Sungai Wang. One more thing, why there are some people who are sooo stupid and PAY to unlock their iPhones? come on, do some homework.. remember this principal when using the internet : Google is your BEST FRIEND. Unlocking/jailbreaking is FREE! you can do it in 10 minutes or maybe up to 30 minutes max if you are 'Prosta Noob' as Russians call it.

Ahh..well.. enjoy this video and don't forget to get yourself one!! and dont be a HATER. hahaha ;)

Mimpi Indah Hanyalah Seketika


Written on Wednesday, July 15, 2009 by KayChink

Kenape mimpi yang indah hanya utk seketika?

Bila kita tgh syok dibuai mimpi yang indah, mesti ada je yang buat kita bangun..
Kan best kalau mata ini tak dibuka dan minda ini masih dibuai mimpi indah tu
Kita takkan dapat hidup tanpa mimpi.
Tanpa mimpi, realiti akan menjadi mimpi.
Realiti akan menjadi seperti jalan yang penuh dengan persimpangan yang tiada hujungnya.

Tapi.. kenapa mesti mimpi indah pergi?
Tidakkah ia diperlukan utk menemani kita setiap kali malam menjelma?
Kerana mimpi adalah mimpi..
Mimpi perlu pergi..
Hidup di alam mimpi adalah utk orang yang sudah mati

"Lu mau matikah??"

Jangan biarkan mimpi membunuh realiti
Kerana realiti adalah satu kehidupan yang pasti
Tutup mata kita mimpi.. tapi bukalah mata utk realiti
Kerana realiti adalah lebih indah daripada mimpi

Semoga mimpi yang indah menjadi temanmu setiap malam
Selamat malam duniaku..

3.05am - bilik adik aku