Written on Friday, October 23, 2009 by KayChink

Kau pernah bawaku kesana
Dialam mimpiku
Yang selalu ada dihatiku
Mengusir rindu
Bawa daku bersamamu

Tunjukkanlah mata hatimu
Seperti selalu
Kerdipan gemintang kan hilang
Pastikan hilang
Bawa daku bersamamu
Bawa daku bersamamu

Kuingankan hanya kamu
Percayalah kepadaku
Angin hembuskan rinduku
Ku tahu nurani diriku
Mahuku hanya kamu
Lirikan senyuman yang membisu
Tapi hanya kamu...

Kesudahannya mungkin tiba
Kurelakan semua
Kita diberkati olehNya
Selama lama

Your brightest star is shining next to mine
Every night and day
Do you know?
Stars explode and then they fade away

I'll be you angel, looking for you from above
For the rest of days..
I'm so sorry if I let you down
Your tears will break my heart in two

Still, can I be your Angel?

You THINK you can OWN an iPhone?


Written on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 by KayChink

Dearest CHINGUS,

So.. this is a post about what you should know before owning an iPhone. Let me stress on this part, iPhone is a revolutionary smartphone that could do ALMOST everything and in order to gain its true potential, one should have this question in mind."What is THE iPhone?" Hence, I created this post as a guidance for all of the people who THINK that they could handle an iPhone.

iPhone is the GOD of all the smartphones. You don't own an iPhone just because of its popularity or its attraction. You own it because you believe that it can do almost everything other than its function as a smartphone. Thus, this question should popped out in your mind... "What is the iPhone?"

It is an Internet and multimedia enabled smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Because its minimal hardware interface lacks a physical keyboard, the multi-touch screen renders a virtual keyboard when necessary.
The iPhone functions as a camera phone (also including text messaging and visual voicemail), a portable media player (equivalent to a video iPod), and an Internet client (with email, web browsing, and Wi-Fi connectivity).

1st Gen - iPhone 2G
This is the first ever iPhone. The mother of all the iPhones which are currently in the market. Things that you SHOULD know :

Made of aluminium and plastics
It has NO 3G
Camera 2MP

2nd Gen - iPhone 3G

Fully in plastics
3G capability
Can be Unlocked ONLY until firmware 3.0.1 (21/10/2009)
Camera 2MP

3rd Gen - iPhone 3GS

Fully in plastics
Almost identical to that of the 3G, differentiated only by the latter's reflective silver text which now matches the silver Apple logo, replacing the 3G's grey text.
Can be Unlocked ONLY until firmware 3.0.1
Camera 3.2MP

iPhone 3GS
This is the latest iPhone made by Apple. S stands for SPEED and thus the internal hardware is upgraded to double the speed in comparison with iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G.
Camera is upgraded to 3,2MP and it has video recording capability.

This is the most shitty thing for the iPhone owners to encounter. Lots of questions and complications arise when discussing about jailbreaking the iPhone. Let me make this simple..

Jailbreaking is a method of uncovering the true potential of the iPhone. With jailbreaking, you can add additional stuff that was originally rejected by Apple itself.
Reasons of rejecting : May cause dysfunction of the phone due to excessive usage of battery and memory. Jailbreaking the iPhone would be copyright infringement due to the necessary modification of system software.

Why should I jailbreak my iPhone?
To get free cracked Apps.
To UNLOCK the iPhone.

How to Jailbreak?
Download this software called blackra1n (
Simple program, will jailbreak your iPhone in 15mins. compatibility up to the latest firmware 3.1.2

Unlocking iPhone
There are 2 variants of iPhone.
1. LOCKED - the owner is tied to a contract with a certain mobile operators such as AT&T in the USA. The price is very much cheaper (concession) but the monthly payments are costly.

2. Factory UNLOCKED - For example in Malaysia, Maxis is selling the UNLOCKED iPhones. Buyers are eligible to choose to be tied in a contract basis or just buy the iPhone in the original price and use the prepaid plan. (
Other countries such as RUSSIA, you can get the factory UNLOCKED iPhones also with different types of tariffs.

So, what is the difference?
You can unlock the LOCKED iPhone 2G,3G or 3GS using a software called ultrasn0w. In order to do that, you must JAILBREAK your iPhone.
You DONT need to use ultrasn0w in your factory UNLOCKED iPhone because it is already UNLOCKED. just jailbreak it so that you can gain access to the free apps.
See the difference?

Method of unlocking/jailbreaking the iPhone

Latest firmware
Since 1/10/2009, Apple has updated all the iPhones to firmware 3.1
It means, all the iPhones in the market right now is in firmware 3.1
You CANNOT UNLOCK your current iPhone with that firmware because ultrasn0w can only support up to firmware 3.0.1

OMG~!!! What should I do??
Jailbreak your iPhone and be thankful that your iPhone can be used like an iPod Touch with a camera~!! LoL~
Jailbreak it so that you can still gain access to the FREE Apps.
Use your phone that you have before you bought the iPhone.
Wait until the new update for the ultrasn0w (weeks..months)

So... Seriously, BUY the iPhone ONLY if you are patience enough, hard-working enough and know well enough about it. This is not a NORMAL smartphone and thus making it very much special.
Google is your best friend. do some research about it. If you are so cranky about it, dont waste your money buying the iPhone. In fact, that is the most STUPID thing to do.

Dont be a HATER, dont make yourself look STUPID for knowing nothing about your own stuff.

Any question, you are welcome to do so in any method you prefer.

1000 Bintang


Written on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 by KayChink

Malam-malamku bagai malam seribu bintang
Yang terbatas di angkasa
Bila kau di sini
‘Tuk sekadar menemani
‘Tuk melintasi wangi yang selalu tersaji
Di satu sisi hati
Dewa - Roman Picisan

Takde ape2 yg nak dicoretkan disini, hanya sekadar picisan hati.

Musim baru akan menjelma, hari baru akan tiba. Daun-daun berguguran, memberi tempat kepadanya.
Ahh.. this is troublesome~