iPhone Guide for uNewbs


Written on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 by KayChink

YO! Chingus!

This guide is specially made for all the iPhone-newbies out there since I've constantly received questions regarding on HOW to do this and that on the iPhone. iPhone is not an ordinary phone. It's a SMARTPHONE and thus, as a USER, you wouldn't want your PHONE to OUTSMART you right? So be SMART and let's make a full use of your iPhone.

It all started with a basic question.. what is the iPhone?
iPhone is not a phone, at least not in an ordinary sense. It's a multi purpose touchscreen computer, small enough to fit in your pocket. It can do so much and by so, making it a complex device.

What is iPhone Firmware?
The latest firmware right now is 3.1.2 3.1.3. Firmware is a program that is running in your phone and basically doing the work for your iPhone. It fixes, patches the original software in your phone.

Bottom Newbies Guide

How do I jailbreak my iPhone?
Jailbreak is a method to 'release' your iPhone from Apple restriction so that you could do anything like installing 'cracked' apps, modifying the themes, installing ringtones, wallpaper and customizing your phone like nobody's business.

Method of jailbreaking.
1. Update your iPhone to 3.1.2 (open itunes, plug in iPhone, and click update)
1. go to www.blackra1n.com
2. download the jailbreaking software either for windows or Mac OS X, depending on your OS
3. make sure your iPhone is plugged in, open blackra1n you downloaded and click "Make it rain"
4. read the disclaimer. say thanks (in your heart i suppose. hehe)
5. look at your iPhone, slide to unlock, open "blackrain" (make sure your WiFi is turned ON)
6. select Cydia and choose Install
7. your phone will restart by itself, open cydia again and wait for it to refresh
8. you will be asked a question, choose user
9. you will be asked to upgrade, choose complete upgrade
10. it will restart by itself, then open cydia again
11. go to Manage (see bottom part)
12. select sources
13. select edit then select add
14. key in http://sinfuliphonerepo.com, then select add anyway
15. then select Sinful iPhone
16. choose Appsync 3.1.2 and then Install

*Appsync : a software needed to run 'cracked' apps on your iPhone
*Cydia : a software needed to enable your iPhone to recognise cracked apps and to install themes. Other than that, you wouldn't have to know.

Installing 'cracked' apps
1. go to www.apptrackr.org from your computer
2. search for the app you want
3. select the latest version (1.2 is the latest one if you compare it to 1.0)
4. new windows will come out. just follow the instruction (key in code, wait few seconds, or select save it to computer..which ever necessary)
6. wait for it to finish downloading

"Ohh crap.. it's in .zip file. I cannot unzip.."
You shouldn't unzip the file. Just rename the file, and remove the .zip. Now the app you downloaded is in .ipa

*yes.. you cannot see the .zip, of course. go to my computer, press Alt on your keyboard, select tools, folder options, then select view and then UNCHECK hide extensions for known file types.

*Now.. can you see the .zip at the end of your downloaded app? Good. now remove the .zip

Let's continue

7. Double-click the downloaded app and it will automatically copied inside the iTunes.
8. Sync it to your iPhone (select iPhone in iTunes, select application, then select sync)
9. Smile! you got yourself a free application!!! now you can happily do it by yourself!! :D

Advance Newbies Guide

Can I use Bluetooth to share pictures with my friends?
Yes, there's an app for that. it is called Photoshare+ and it is FREE. you can download it straight from iTunes.

Can iPhone do Multitasking?
Yes, go to Cydia, and search for Proswitcher
Go to settings and set up your Proswitcher

How to Install cracked applications directly from the iPhone (Installous)
1. Make sure Appsync 3.1.2 is installed
2. From the same repo (SinfuliPhone), choose Installous and install
3. Exit Cydia, go to Installous and just search for the app you want and select DOWNLOAD
4. See download icon below (Arrow pointing down) and select it
5. Select the app you downloaded and then select install
6. Enjoy your downloaded app!!

Alright..those are the FAQs, if you have any more questions, just leave a message in the chat box and I will answer your questions as soon as possible. I might do a step-by-step guide with pictures if you want. hehehe

Now that you are SMART enough to handle you iPhone, share your knowledge with your friends and other iPhone users. After all, you are not a newbie anymore and you deserve a pat on the back! ;)