The Last Samba


Written on Saturday, March 20, 2010 by KayChink

Kay Rezz (Chinko) is a classy and complete centre-forward, pairing the ability to ruthlessly and regularly find the net inside the box with the aptitude to create moments of sheer magic outside it.

Toh Chi Lung likes players with plenty of charisma in the way they play, and the Chink’s calmness is instantly recognisable on the field. It’s also an approach that has drawn comparisons with former United talisman Christiano Ronaldo. Like the captivating Portuguese, Kay Rezz loves to entertain with the ball at his feet, and he also shares Ronaldo’s happy knack for scoring important goals, which he showed more than once in his first season at Le Samba CF and also in 2009/2010 RFL season. (Against Chittapa FC and Tigers FC)

Kay Rezz started out with the underdog team, FCUK. He joined The Chinaman Army in 2006, following the footsteps of his roommate, Magesh, who also played for the club.

Despite promising starts, his first season at the club received mixed reviews; he’s being praised for his skills, but also often criticised for lack of consistency and poor decision making on the field however later on, has shown signs of improvement, and VK (Team Captain) has promised Kay Rezz will further raise his game.

“I really hope he has the same success as me, or even more, because he’s got the ability to do this," said VK.

Naveen (1st year newbie) stole all the headlines in 2009/2010 bagged the best Defender/Midfielder, but Kay Rezz chipped in with another 6 goals.

"He’s always so in control and pinpoint accurate with his passing – a beautiful player to watch."

Chinko’s exciting strike partnership with Asoka and Harinthiran was one of the key factors in the Sambas’ RFL triumph and cemented his iconic status at Room 8-12.

But it's not just Kay Rezz's goals that have endeared him to the Samba faithful. A tireless worker, Magesh always gives 100 per cent and can't stand losing.

“Are you meant to smile sweetly and jog back to the halfway line?” he protested at the time. "People want footballers to be whiter than white. Do they want a game of robots?" And that about sums up Magesh's passion for the game and, more importantly, Le’ Samba.

He arrived with the billing: the ‘new Benzema’. But upon his arrival at Le Samba CF from nowhere Mallu FC in 2007 most Samba Fans were left asking: ‘Abilash who?

’"His performance level and drive has never changed," says VK. "It's more obvious in Abilash because he never had the talent of Kay Rezz or Naveen, but he had determination to make sure he was always in the team.

As he began his third season in a blue shirt, the one thing that was missing from Abilash’s game was a goal, though it hadn't been for lack of trying. But he finally broke that duck with a fine strike from the middle of the court against G-15 in 2007. He has set a standard and big things are expected of him in the coming years, but it’s safe to say ‘Abilash’ and ‘who?’ will not come packaged in the same sentence again.

There have been plenty of pretenders to Min Jie’s throne since his abdication in 2008. But few have graced the number 1 jersey with such quality and consistency as Rahul.
The two differ in style; Min Jie was famed for bellowing at his back four as well as his brilliant saves. Rahul, however, uses his calm assurance to great effect.

VK, the team captain has got that thing which not many players have anymore – the ability to dribble. People who can run with the ball, take it up the pitch and beat a man are a dying breed – there aren't many around.

“I love the feeling when you score," VK says, "especially because it's not one of my main jobs. But I try and take up good positions and go up for top corners not to the goalkeeper. If you get lucky it's a great feeling."

2009/2010 season ended with astonishing result for Le Samba. With 7 wins, 3 loses and 2 draws has put them in the top 5 elite teams in RSMU Futsal League. 3 years after its establishment, Le’ Samba has finally evolved from the team some have thought to be trashable to the team that needs to be avoided. Many have enjoyed our show… All the upsets and the unimaginable results have made Le Samba, the most anticipated team in the history of RFL. For that, we could proudly hold our heads high and bid farewell to the club which has given the most memorable experience to us. We also would like to thank the Fans for their never-ending support!!





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Jalan-Jalan Cari Pasal : London Day 2


Written on Sunday, March 14, 2010 by KayChink

Terlebih dahulu trimas diucapkan kepada penaja segmen hari kedua ini, Kissmi-Kissyu : pembekal rasmi otak-otak untuk pasukan lari dalam guni rumah jingga.

Setelah dikaji dengan teliti di mana station underground yg berdekatan dan sesuai, kami memilih tempat-tempat berikut untuk dilawati di hari ke-2.

1. Tower of London


Memang masa tu cuaca tak berapa baik..gerimis mengundang,,. pemandangan pun tak berapa terang.. So.. ape yang menarik kat sini? Struktur bangunannya yea.. cantik. kita dapat lihat betapa berseninya susunan batu-batu kat bangunan ni. dia punya tempat jalan pun cantik susunan batu-batunya. Pastu ada banyak sejarahnya tempat ini. Dikatakan tempat ini adalah tempat mereka torture prisoners.. pastu adalah citer-citer hantu disebaliknya. Kami tak memberi perhatian sangat sebab sibuk amik gambar dan video kat sini. Pengawal tu kot hantu.. berkawat je memanjang..

Kat sini juga korang berpeluang untuk melihat koleksi-koleksi Crown Jewels Queen Victoria. tapi, takleh nak amik gambar..jadi tak dapat la kongsi dengan korang. Mereka kata ada berlian yg terbesar di dunia di sini! yea…memang besar!! korang kena datang n tengok sendiri yea? kalau nak digambarkan dengan kata-kata memang susah sebab berlian itu memang.. besar!

Lepas tu korang boleh merentasi Tower Bridge ke seberang sungai Thames. Bridge ni pun lawa.. struktur asal dan kesinambungannya masih terpelihara dan kita boleh lihat bridge ni ada 2 tingkat. Kami tak berpeluang untuk naik ke tingkat ke-2 sebab kesuntukan waktu.

2. HMS Belfast


Ini adalah kapal perang masa World War 2.. dulu digunakan untuk berperang dan sekarang dah dijadikan museum. Samalah dengan museum kapal kat Melaka tu. cuma ni lagi canggih dan lagi besar. yang menariknya, kapal ini sangat besar..bertingkat-tingkat..jadi nak amik video pun malas..buat abes bateri je. bila berada di dalam kapal ataupun di atas kapal ini kami merasa seperti berperang yea.. dengan sound effects lagi. Kalau sesape yang minat kapal-kapal ni boleh la singgah.. tak masuk pun takpe, amik je gambar kat luar. tapi tak dapat la buat pose cam Titanic yea?

3. Thames City Cruise


Daripada HMS Belfast, korang boleh pergi ke Pier berdekatan untuk naik City Cruise. sambil melihat pemandangan sepanjang Thames River, korang bleh belajar tentang sejarah bangunan-bangunan yg berdekatan seperti London Bridge, Fire Monument, Millennium Bridge and Eye of London. Cruise ni akan stop di Westminster, tempat rasmi kerajaan di sini. Kat sana terletaknya Big Ben dengan Parliament.

Attractions ni biasanya tutup pukul 5pm and last admission pukul 4-4.30pm.. lepas tu mana lagi nak lepak dan membuang masa? ke Oxford Street laa~ kat sana ada pelbagai shopping mall yg hebat-hebat dan akan membuatkan tangan anda gatal dan poket anda panas sebab kerap tarik keluar-masuk dompet. ini adalah AMARAN!! kepada sesiapa yang terasa lemah dengan tanda ‘%’ anda dinasihatkan untuk membawa seseorang yg immune dengan tanda tu. Jangan terpedaya dengan angka kecil yg ditanyangkan~ semuanya kena 6 kali ganda! hehehehe

So.. what’s for dinner? kat Bayswater tempat penginapan ni banyak kedai-kedai makan. Ada McD, Burger King, Chinese Food, Indian Food, Cat Food, Pizza Hut..haa, pandai-pandai la korang pilih. Pastu tempat ni juga berdekatan dengan Malaysian Hall. Kat hall tu ada jual pelbagai juadah dari Malaysia. orang-orang malaysia juga ada di sana. Jadi, kalau korang mengidam sangat, bleh la ke sana. Harganya memang cekik darah berpatutan. Post akan datang aku akan cerita dengan lebih lanjut. 



Belanja di hari ke-2 :

1. Tower of London Souvenirs : £10

2. Food Stuff buat stock : £19

3. Indian Food Dinner : £20

TOTAL : £49 (RM269)

Next Post : Chelsea FC Stadium, Kensington Palace, Hyde park, Royal Albert Hall

3G in Moscow…already??


Written on Thursday, March 04, 2010 by KayChink

3G network has been introduced in the world since year 2000. However after 10 years, there are no sign of 3G network in Moscow even though there are so many 3G phones being advertised plus the introduction of iPhone 3G last year. Heck, they even got 4G WiMAX being used broadly and people has gone insane with it.

Internet is super fast here and also popularly priced. Better yet, it is one of the fastest internet speed in the world..better than USA. People like me who couldn’t withstand and would gone psycho when the network connection is inaccessible needs to search for the other alternatives in order to compensate the lost. Thus, this is where 3G is very much needed. 4G? don’t even think about it.. have to buy the dongle, need to spend on the fees..this and that.. added, you’ll need a laptop for it.. so insignificant.

So today, I was so surprised to see the 3G sign on my phone. It was thrilling and I almost shed a tear!! Ahhh…finally, there’s 3G network in Moscow!! The speed is almost the same like WiFi.. it was super-awesome-fast~ (drool)


It didn’t last long though.. Maybe the network is still under trials since it needs to get an approval from the military. (what nonsense!) But then.. it was good enough for me and after 10 years we could expect to see some improvement in the mobile network in Moscow.

“Dude~ you can get 3G in Malaysia and it has been there for years!!”

“Ohh yea.. I wouldn’t mind using it if it didn’t deduct RM20 for 5 minutes of data usage!!”

“ =_=! ”



Written on Monday, March 01, 2010 by KayChink

MIC Tamil New Year Cup. A happy ending?

On Sunday, 28th February 2010, the bulk of AKULA FC plus some others formed a formidable team named, FC Colo-colo. We were grouped with Manja FC and SSC from Moscow Medical Academy, and KPMM (Bukit Tinggi in disguise).

Our first game kinda sucked because most of us arrived just around 15minutes before the game, plus Zul didnt come even though I went to his room to wake him up. Well, to each, his own. The game was scrappy, but we managed to lose only by 2-0, which was quite a result because actually Manja FC is the Zibom team in disguise, regular top 3 contenders in the M1 league.

In the second match, we had reinforcement in the form of AKULA hardcore, Azzam. The game against fellow uni mates KPMM was a fiery one. Tackles went flying , bodies sacrificed, but in the end we managed to get a very satisfying 3-0 win. Shazli drew first blood, then another goal from the lanky Khir. Sufrin went flying under the challenge of KPMM's Mate and we were awarded a penalty kick. Sufrin made no mistake from the spot to send KPMM's Shahril to the wrong way, thus opening his account and scoring his very first goal in his M2 competitions. Plus he kissed the Man U badge on his jersey too (part of his bet to Naqqib and Azzam) =p .

We expected the third game in the big zal, but suddenly we were called to play in the small zal instead. Bemused, we quickly changed into our away sky-blue or royal-blue shirts and played SSC. SSC played very physically, Mizan went flying and rolling around like a matryoshka doll, Azzam went down several times under strong challenges, basically we were all kicked around like some kind of meat. In the end, we lost 5-0... thus ending our challenge in the cup there and then, with no hope of qualifying.

In a personal sense, I am very satisfied with the effort of our team, FC Colo-colo . We showed resilience, strength, character and never say die attitude (which sadly, was missing in our AKULA team.. :( huhu..)
Good job guys!!! And hopefuly, we will play together as a team again next time! Cheers!


Azwani, AKULA and FC Colo-colo team Captain.

Naqqib, team Manager and Tactician.

Sufrin/Dol, attacker, Penalty Specialist.


Azzam, attacker/defender, Assistant Manager.

Khir, attacker, Super Sub.

Shazli, midfield dynamo, First Team Coach.

Nazmi/Jimmy, goalkeeper, the Beast.

Mizan, attacker, Waterboy.


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P/S : Special thanks for the team manager for inviting me to join this unprecedented club. Frankly, yes.. it was a happy ending! Hope next time we could team-up again!! ;)