Taiko's Guide to Russian Language


Written on Friday, November 13, 2009 by KayChink


The first post of the year!! Well, since next year will be my last year in Russia, why not I teach you on how to speak in Russian? Like any other languages, there are grammatical rules, declensions, cases and all the crap. It took me 4 years to actually understand the flow of this language but still couldn't express it very well. However, I've discovered the hidden technique on how to master this language. Chingus, I present to you.. Taiko's Guide to Russian Language. Let it be smiles in your face for this festive year!! XD

You will not learn the language if you don't know cultural things like swear words and bad phrases, slang after all. This is why I decided to give you an opportunity to see how you can use these words in a real situation. Russian is a language that sounds edgy and expressive to non-Russian speakers. It's not surprising to learn that the swear words in Russian sound pretty fierce as well.

Thus, to enhance your knowledge in Russian Language, I've provided you with the instructions on how to swear in Russian. Just follow these easy 1-2-3 steps and you'll end up singing in Russian in the shower!

STEP 1. Learn swear words from Russian friends. Your friends can be a great source of information and swear words, and can also provide you with the proper pronunciation of the words and phrases as well as the meanings.

i) Blyad
literally, “whore.” This word is usually encountered in its contracted form “blya,” a particle used mainly for emphasis, adding a touch of lurid color at the end of absolutely any phrase. “Ty chyo, blya?” (What the fuck are you doing/saying?) could be an act of friendly raillery or the verbal prelude to a headbutt.
The B-word is also a common cri-de-coeur (An impassioned outcry, appeal, protest or entreaty) : you stub your toe — “Blya!” Some people are so addicted that they use the word to season even the most banal utterance. Eg. “A on, blya, mne skazal, blya, chto ya, blya...” This is the meat in the dumpling of Russian mat — it’s impossible to imagine a conversation with a taxi driver without it.

ii) Khui
literally, “cock.” The first thing after “hello” that people learn how to say in a foreign language is “fuck off,” and some manage to get by thereafter on these two phrases alone. “Idi na khui!” is the Russian equivalent, literally meaning “Go to the penis!” Yes, I know it sounds silly in translation. But what makes the system of Russian mat so interesting are the derivatives.
“Okhuyet” is to be extremely surprised, like when you see your friend Abs puking in the gutter. He would then report to be feeling “khuyovo.” Also worth remembering are “Ni khuya sebe!” — “No fucking way!” and the derivative “khuinya” — bollocks, bullshit.

iii) Pizda
literally, “cunt.” If you’re tired of sending people to the penis, you can send them “v pizdu” for the sake of variety. Derivatives abound from this particularly crude item: your new mobile you might describe as “pizdaty,” or if you doubt the truth of a statement, you could say “Chyo ty pizdish?” — “Why are you talking through your...?” Well, you know what. Perhaps the most useful incarnation of this word is “pizdets,” meaning a “total fuck up.” The phrase “Eto prosto pizdets!” expresses the sublime degree of misery, a predicament where things can get no worse.

iv) Mudak
literally, “testicle.” This word is never used in its original meaning, but has come into common currency to mean an “asshole” or “dickhead,” i.e. a man you find disagreeable. This word is at the softcore end of the mat spectrum, but a phrase like “on polny mudak,” is still a dire condemnation of anyone it is used to denote. When a shapka-wearing Volga driver cuts you off on the Garden Ring, “mudak!” is what you shout out of your window at him. A younger “mudak” could be tenderly referred to as a “mudachok,” while an adult male could also be termed a “mudilo” — a particularly unpleasant subspecies of the “mudak.”

v) Yebat
literally, “to fuck.” This verb has all the primary meanings you’d expect it to have, with a couple of juicy extras unknown to English. “Zaebat” means to exhaust, to make sick of. “On menya zaebal!” means “I’m sick to fucking death of him.” For the virtuoso mat-user, “vyebyvatsya” means to show off in some crass or reprehensible way. To fuck someone up is “otyebat,” and the reflexive form “otyebis!” means “get the fuck away from me!” Also, “zayebis!” is a nice mat variant of “khorosho” or “kruto.” For example, “Vsyo zayebis!” — “Everything’s fucking great!”

vi) Suka
literally, "bitch". Ironically in Malay, it is used as an expression of liking someone.
"Sukin sin!" means "son of a bitch" "Na kaleini, suka!!" "On your knees, bitch!!"

STEP 2. Record your Russian friends so you can listen to them over and over until you can emulate their intonations and pronunciations.

STEP 3. Go to the library and check out books that have swear words in Russian and different languages OR you can search it online. One such book is the International Dictionary of Obscenities that has almost 14 pages of Russian swear words as well as a pronunciation guide.

*It costs only 9.95USD. Worldwide shipping via DHL 25USD and 5% commission = 37USD!! Combined shipping is available.

The Old Year has gone. Let the dead past bury its own dead. The New Year has taken possession of the clock of time. All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months
Hope this year will bring joy and happiness to all of you! Chiaoz Chingus!!



Written on Friday, October 23, 2009 by KayChink

Kau pernah bawaku kesana
Dialam mimpiku
Yang selalu ada dihatiku
Mengusir rindu
Bawa daku bersamamu

Tunjukkanlah mata hatimu
Seperti selalu
Kerdipan gemintang kan hilang
Pastikan hilang
Bawa daku bersamamu
Bawa daku bersamamu

Kuingankan hanya kamu
Percayalah kepadaku
Angin hembuskan rinduku
Ku tahu nurani diriku
Mahuku hanya kamu
Lirikan senyuman yang membisu
Tapi hanya kamu...

Kesudahannya mungkin tiba
Kurelakan semua
Kita diberkati olehNya
Selama lama

Your brightest star is shining next to mine
Every night and day
Do you know?
Stars explode and then they fade away

I'll be you angel, looking for you from above
For the rest of days..
I'm so sorry if I let you down
Your tears will break my heart in two

Still, can I be your Angel?

You THINK you can OWN an iPhone?


Written on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 by KayChink

Dearest CHINGUS,

So.. this is a post about what you should know before owning an iPhone. Let me stress on this part, iPhone is a revolutionary smartphone that could do ALMOST everything and in order to gain its true potential, one should have this question in mind."What is THE iPhone?" Hence, I created this post as a guidance for all of the people who THINK that they could handle an iPhone.

iPhone is the GOD of all the smartphones. You don't own an iPhone just because of its popularity or its attraction. You own it because you believe that it can do almost everything other than its function as a smartphone. Thus, this question should popped out in your mind... "What is the iPhone?"

It is an Internet and multimedia enabled smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Because its minimal hardware interface lacks a physical keyboard, the multi-touch screen renders a virtual keyboard when necessary.
The iPhone functions as a camera phone (also including text messaging and visual voicemail), a portable media player (equivalent to a video iPod), and an Internet client (with email, web browsing, and Wi-Fi connectivity).

1st Gen - iPhone 2G
This is the first ever iPhone. The mother of all the iPhones which are currently in the market. Things that you SHOULD know :

Made of aluminium and plastics
It has NO 3G
Camera 2MP

2nd Gen - iPhone 3G

Fully in plastics
3G capability
Can be Unlocked ONLY until firmware 3.0.1 (21/10/2009)
Camera 2MP

3rd Gen - iPhone 3GS

Fully in plastics
Almost identical to that of the 3G, differentiated only by the latter's reflective silver text which now matches the silver Apple logo, replacing the 3G's grey text.
Can be Unlocked ONLY until firmware 3.0.1
Camera 3.2MP

iPhone 3GS
This is the latest iPhone made by Apple. S stands for SPEED and thus the internal hardware is upgraded to double the speed in comparison with iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G.
Camera is upgraded to 3,2MP and it has video recording capability.

This is the most shitty thing for the iPhone owners to encounter. Lots of questions and complications arise when discussing about jailbreaking the iPhone. Let me make this simple..

Jailbreaking is a method of uncovering the true potential of the iPhone. With jailbreaking, you can add additional stuff that was originally rejected by Apple itself.
Reasons of rejecting : May cause dysfunction of the phone due to excessive usage of battery and memory. Jailbreaking the iPhone would be copyright infringement due to the necessary modification of system software.

Why should I jailbreak my iPhone?
To get free cracked Apps.
To UNLOCK the iPhone.

How to Jailbreak?
Download this software called blackra1n (blackra1n.com)
Simple program, will jailbreak your iPhone in 15mins. compatibility up to the latest firmware 3.1.2

Unlocking iPhone
There are 2 variants of iPhone.
1. LOCKED - the owner is tied to a contract with a certain mobile operators such as AT&T in the USA. The price is very much cheaper (concession) but the monthly payments are costly.

2. Factory UNLOCKED - For example in Malaysia, Maxis is selling the UNLOCKED iPhones. Buyers are eligible to choose to be tied in a contract basis or just buy the iPhone in the original price and use the prepaid plan. (www.maxis.com.my)
Other countries such as RUSSIA, you can get the factory UNLOCKED iPhones also with different types of tariffs.

So, what is the difference?
You can unlock the LOCKED iPhone 2G,3G or 3GS using a software called ultrasn0w. In order to do that, you must JAILBREAK your iPhone.
You DONT need to use ultrasn0w in your factory UNLOCKED iPhone because it is already UNLOCKED. just jailbreak it so that you can gain access to the free apps.
See the difference?

Method of unlocking/jailbreaking the iPhone

Latest firmware
Since 1/10/2009, Apple has updated all the iPhones to firmware 3.1
It means, all the iPhones in the market right now is in firmware 3.1
You CANNOT UNLOCK your current iPhone with that firmware because ultrasn0w can only support up to firmware 3.0.1

OMG~!!! What should I do??
Jailbreak your iPhone and be thankful that your iPhone can be used like an iPod Touch with a camera~!! LoL~
Jailbreak it so that you can still gain access to the FREE Apps.
Use your phone that you have before you bought the iPhone.
Wait until the new update for the ultrasn0w (weeks..months)

So... Seriously, BUY the iPhone ONLY if you are patience enough, hard-working enough and know well enough about it. This is not a NORMAL smartphone and thus making it very much special.
Google is your best friend. do some research about it. If you are so cranky about it, dont waste your money buying the iPhone. In fact, that is the most STUPID thing to do.

Dont be a HATER, dont make yourself look STUPID for knowing nothing about your own stuff.

Any question, you are welcome to do so in any method you prefer.

1000 Bintang


Written on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 by KayChink

Malam-malamku bagai malam seribu bintang
Yang terbatas di angkasa
Bila kau di sini
‘Tuk sekadar menemani
‘Tuk melintasi wangi yang selalu tersaji
Di satu sisi hati
Dewa - Roman Picisan

Takde ape2 yg nak dicoretkan disini, hanya sekadar picisan hati.

Musim baru akan menjelma, hari baru akan tiba. Daun-daun berguguran, memberi tempat kepadanya.
Ahh.. this is troublesome~

Introducing, the new Sony Slim-line


Written on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 by KayChink

YO! Chingus!

Recently Sony unveiled that the new version of PS3, will be out in the market starting from Sept. 1. The new PS3 will be 30% smaller and will come with a bigger HDD and the starting price is only $299~!!

Last week, I was really eager to buy a PS3 because few days back I've tried playing FIFA 09 PS3 during Sony roadshow in MidVal and graphic and the gameplay really have made me cried~!! I'm sure Mags and Abs will go to the balcony and scream their heads off because of the post-match impact.

Fortunately, one of the sellers told me that next week (this week) a new version of PS3 will come out and asked me to wait for that version. Ahh~ so sweet of him. Bayangkan, seller lain sure dah cucuk habis-habisan and I'll end up buying the big-assed version of PS3~damn!

Here is the review of the PS3 Slim from CNET. The specs of the new version are not really upgraded and the only upgrade is the HDD which comes in 120GB. Others are downgraded as they wanted to decrease the cost and to make it smaller. However the smaller the motherboard, more advance it will become. So, that part can be considered as 'has been upgraded'. hehe.

I'm getting this baby~!!! Ohh yes, I will. Screw 5th year, I want to kick Real Madrid's and Chelsea's ass. Btw, FFXIII~ can't wait!! ;)

PS : I just removed 2 items for the list of Barang-Barang Keperluan Akew.
2. Spain 2010/2011 Jersey

I'll update them in my next post! I'm so addicted to snap! snap! snap! lalala~

iPhone OS 3.1 update: TAT Augmented ID


Written on Saturday, July 25, 2009 by KayChink

YO! Chingus!

sorry i havent updated this blog lately, becoz i left my PC in Moscow so i dont have the chance to update it as frequently as before. plus, i don't really spend much time in my room here in Malaysia. huhu

Well, here's the latest update from iPhone OS 3.1 which is currently being developed. However, the BETA has already been released but I don't think I need it as much as I need the jailbroken one.

Okay,what is TAT Augmented ID? Roughly, it is a new features which could tell an ID of a person simply by flashing your iPhone. It is hard for me to explain but I attached a video for you and i think it will explain it all. ;)

I'm going to upgrade my phone to 3GS by the end of this month probably.. depends on the situation. hehee. i've calculated and i think buying it here is slightly cheaper and plus you can get free 500MB of internet every month without a minimum payment. Of course, it is the prepaid plan by Maxis.. and of course, the phone is UNLOCKED and WITHOUT CONTRACT.

I am so surprised tho.. why there are some Malaysian who are crazy enough to buy an iPhone 3G from other shops except from Maxis. I mean.. they are seling it for RM2490 for iPhone 3GS 16GB Unlocked, without contract. ( for iPhone 3G 8GB = RM1999) whereas the others are selling it like RM3500++ for the same one. Haishh~ kaya sangat la tu?

Trust me, buy your iPhone from Maxis and only Maxis. Not from some 'cikai' shop in Sungai Wang. One more thing, why there are some people who are sooo stupid and PAY to unlock their iPhones? come on, do some homework.. remember this principal when using the internet : Google is your BEST FRIEND. Unlocking/jailbreaking is FREE! you can do it in 10 minutes or maybe up to 30 minutes max if you are 'Prosta Noob' as Russians call it.

Ahh..well.. enjoy this video and don't forget to get yourself one!! and dont be a HATER. hahaha ;)

Mimpi Indah Hanyalah Seketika


Written on Wednesday, July 15, 2009 by KayChink

Kenape mimpi yang indah hanya utk seketika?

Bila kita tgh syok dibuai mimpi yang indah, mesti ada je yang buat kita bangun..
Kan best kalau mata ini tak dibuka dan minda ini masih dibuai mimpi indah tu
Kita takkan dapat hidup tanpa mimpi.
Tanpa mimpi, realiti akan menjadi mimpi.
Realiti akan menjadi seperti jalan yang penuh dengan persimpangan yang tiada hujungnya.

Tapi.. kenapa mesti mimpi indah pergi?
Tidakkah ia diperlukan utk menemani kita setiap kali malam menjelma?
Kerana mimpi adalah mimpi..
Mimpi perlu pergi..
Hidup di alam mimpi adalah utk orang yang sudah mati

"Lu mau matikah??"

Jangan biarkan mimpi membunuh realiti
Kerana realiti adalah satu kehidupan yang pasti
Tutup mata kita mimpi.. tapi bukalah mata utk realiti
Kerana realiti adalah lebih indah daripada mimpi

Semoga mimpi yang indah menjadi temanmu setiap malam
Selamat malam duniaku..

3.05am - bilik adik aku

iPhone Master Tips #1 : How to make ur own ringtones via iTunes


Written on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 by KayChink


Things You'll Need:

  • iPhone
  • iTunes
  • Mac or Windows Computer
  • Non-DRM song (i.e. one not bought from the iTunes Store)
  1. Step1

    Open iTunes.

  2. Step2

    Find the song that you want to make into a ringtone.

  3. Step3

    Listen to the song and find the part of it you want to use. The chorus may be a good place to start.

  4. Step4

    Write down the start and stop times of the clip.

  5. Step5

    Right-click the song and select "Get Info."

  6. Step6

    Click the "Options" tab.

  7. Step7

    Type in the start time of your ringtone in the text box next to "Start Time" in the minutes:seconds (i.e. 2:01) format.

  8. Step8

    Type in the end time of your ringtone in the text box next to "Stop Time." Make sure the ringtone is no more than 40 seconds long.

  9. Step9

    Click "OK".

  10. Step10

    Right-click your song again and select "Convert Selection to AAC". Wait for iTunes to convert your song. It will create a duplicate version.

  11. Step11

    Right-click the ringtone and select "Delete".

  12. Step12

    Click on the "Keep Files" button.

  13. Step13

    Find the file. It's usually in your User folder under Music > iTunes > iTunes Music and under the band's name. It will have an extension of "m4a."

  14. Step14

    Replace the "m4a" extension of your ringtone with "m4r". You can either double-click slowly to re-name your file, or right-click and select "Get Info" on a Mac or "Rename" on a Windows PC.

  15. Step15

    Click "Use .m4r" or the PC equivalent when the system warns you that the change may affect the use of your file.

  16. Step16

    Double-click the ringtone file. ITunes will automatically add it to your ringtones folder in your iTunes Music Library.

  17. Step17

    Connect your iPhone and sync your ringtones.