Introducing, the new Sony Slim-line


Written on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 by KayChink

YO! Chingus!

Recently Sony unveiled that the new version of PS3, will be out in the market starting from Sept. 1. The new PS3 will be 30% smaller and will come with a bigger HDD and the starting price is only $299~!!

Last week, I was really eager to buy a PS3 because few days back I've tried playing FIFA 09 PS3 during Sony roadshow in MidVal and graphic and the gameplay really have made me cried~!! I'm sure Mags and Abs will go to the balcony and scream their heads off because of the post-match impact.

Fortunately, one of the sellers told me that next week (this week) a new version of PS3 will come out and asked me to wait for that version. Ahh~ so sweet of him. Bayangkan, seller lain sure dah cucuk habis-habisan and I'll end up buying the big-assed version of PS3~damn!

Here is the review of the PS3 Slim from CNET. The specs of the new version are not really upgraded and the only upgrade is the HDD which comes in 120GB. Others are downgraded as they wanted to decrease the cost and to make it smaller. However the smaller the motherboard, more advance it will become. So, that part can be considered as 'has been upgraded'. hehe.

I'm getting this baby~!!! Ohh yes, I will. Screw 5th year, I want to kick Real Madrid's and Chelsea's ass. Btw, FFXIII~ can't wait!! ;)

PS : I just removed 2 items for the list of Barang-Barang Keperluan Akew.
2. Spain 2010/2011 Jersey

I'll update them in my next post! I'm so addicted to snap! snap! snap! lalala~