My Chronicles of 2010


Written on Thursday, December 30, 2010 by KayChink

Ahh~ it’s time to bid farewell to the greatest year in my life! To sum up, here are the highlights..

1. Trip to Old Trafford

One of the ultimate dreams of the Red Devils fan! Pity I didn’t manage to watch their game but fortunately, there’s always next time!


"Cherish the last leaf of Autumn, the first of the last snow of Winter and flowers of Spring...freeze those moments in your camera for a lifetime of memories!" Mama

2. Disneyland Paris

When I was a little boy, I always dreamed of going to Disneyland to meet my favourite character, Mickey! 2010 has given me that opportunity! thank you!


"My life has never been easy. It takes hard work and series of failures for me to become who I am today. I'm no genius but I'm just an ordinary guy with high ambition." Kay

3. FC Colo-Colo

Besides playing for Samba CF, I was invited by Naqqib to join this team for Tamil New Year Cup. Even though we didn’t manage to pass the group stage, we managed to bag a win and I scored a goal! More importantly, we had fun together. Thanks Naqqib!


"It's normal for you to experience failures. All you need to do is get back on your feet and try again, maybe harder. 3rd time's the charm." Kay

4. The best year for Le Samba CF

We were 4th in the league! I didn’t remember how many goals I scored.  What I remember is, we gave them hell. Thank you for your hard work Sambas!


"As we grow older, our brains degenerate. In order to keep being wise, we need to depend on our experience." Kay

5. FIFA World Cup ‘Cup’ was in Moscow!

Who would expect the event itself will be held in Moscow? Well, I already witnessed it! Winking smile


"Bercintalah hingga akhir hayat..."Mama

6. I met Amy Search in person!

Thanks Mama, he is the first artist I ever met. *Lisa Surihani will always be on the top of my “Must Meet Artists” XD


"One thing about bad people, they live by feeding on your anger. So, take a chill pill and relax while enjoying the front row seat watching them starve to death." Kay

7. Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2010

I never knew Malaysia is such a beauty until I witnessed it myself. I went to Melaka with Mags and Kanch, then to Penang and Sabah for a week. It felt like being a tourist in my own country.The best Cuti-cuti Malaysia EVER.





"It is not hard to spread the love. All you need is a little push, a pinch of determination and a source of inspiration..nothing more, nothing less. " Kay

8. Have you witnessed 2 Moons before?

Well.. I have! Actually it is because the planet Mars was close enough until we could see it with our naked eyes. AWESOME.


" late christmas present is the best... i got myself a 哥哥 ...thx to Kay Rezza =)" Sarah

9. iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 + iPad

I know.. very typical of me. Well, we all need to keep up with the latest trend and technology!


"Why dwell in the PAST when you have the FUTURE waiting ahead? Whether or not it's going to be bright, depends on the path you chose in the PRESENT."

10. 10.10.10

My birthday which fell only “once in a century”.


"Hidup ini hanya sekali, gunakan sebaik-baiknya" Kay

11. The Last Russian Raya

Finally after almost 6 years without celebrating raya in Malaysia, it finally came to an end! Actually I didn’t feel any difference because here in Moscow, I have a very big family and because of that, it always feels like HOME.


"You are your own leader, not the others. When they start to lead your own life, it's going to be a living hell." Kay

12. Bella came into my life

My very first cat and she is the most beautiful cat I ever seen! Bella means white in Russian. I’m going to miss her though..


"I just killed a fly by trapping it using a sticky tape and while it was struggling, i cut its head and tried to check the reflexes. Turned out the proboscis reacted towards external stimuli but the wings didn't. It was fun." Kay

13.  My first Gold in a competitive game

We continued the legacy of 6th year students domination in futsal! Thank you for the opportunity! All my hard work for 5 years has been paid off. 


"I don't study HARD because I'm not a NERD and i have a life that is too precious to be WASTED. Instead, i study SMART. With that philosophy, I'm one step to become a DOCTOR." Kay

14. Malaysia has finally won the AFF Cup

My 2010 has perfectly ended with a win for my beloved country. How I wish I was part of the team..that has always been my dream.


"Have you decided on your new year's resolution yet? Frankly, I never had one. I'm the type of guy who likes to break the rules." Kay

As for the coming 2011, I'd say it will be a walk to remember, the peak of my life and in the end, it will be LEGENDARY.

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